Floor Jansen: “It would be unfair to ask everyone to wait for me at ReVamp

The singer gave a wide-ranging interview within the framework of the FortaRock festival, which included a number of topics, including whether the ReVamp was likely to return, but also relied on her relocation.

She first betrayed her performance in her homeland, Holland, because she received amazing love and support from her home fan club. In addition, she also honestly stated that she had never even thought of setting up a family in another country:

“I’ll be Dutch forever, although I’m moving abroad and singing in a Finnish band, of course I have my roots here, and I started playing in the smallest places. To be able to support the Dutch audience behind me … Well, that’s very nice.”

-she began and conitnued:

I never thought about moving once abroad, I just went on my way, tried to learn Finnish, which is incredibly difficult, so I realized that if I really wanted to learn it, I would have to move to Finland, which was a tremendous step for me and it was awesome because I did it alone. People supported me everything, but I was scared for something. Finally, I fell in love with the Nordic countries and Sweden became my new home. Finnish will never be my strength but I speak very well in Swedish.”

In addition, Floor responded readily to the question about ReVamp, which was originally intended to put her team back in the red light, but she didn’t receive a response but told why she had to break-up the Dutch band in 2016:

First of all, when I joined the Nightwish suddenly, we began to design the second album of ReVamp after we had a break – I was sick but I did my best on the road, I was ready for the new album, but when I joined Nightwish, everything has changed. I had to change the appearance of the album, but I never said, “Oh, I will not release the CD or I will never finish it.” I wanted to finish the album and go on tour with my own band so people can hear our songs.”

-she replied, saying that she wanted to make the Wild Card album which was debuted in 2013.

So that’s what happened … This meant, however, that I had to go on a tour and make albums as I burned out once, I didn’t want to re-experienced it. I had to choose to ask everyone in the ReVamp to wait for me, and that wouldn’t have been fair.”



Save the magical locations of Aleah!

Annoying news about Juha Raivio, (Swallow The Sun and Hallatar) guitarist on Facebook. The Finnish-born musician who lives in Sweden lives next to a forest, which was one of the favorite placesof his Trees of Eternity partner, Aleah Stanbridge (1976-2016). And the sad news is that the Swedish government want this little forest to be dumped.

“Hi, please help me save Aleah’s forest before the Swedish Sveaskog company kills it and destroys this magical forest that is directly next to the village, next to our house and inspired lots of music that we’ve written, with wonderful landscapes and lakes. it will look like a war zone, the earth will be completely destroyed by the huge machines, there will be no birds and other animals at home. It is really my heart that I will have to see this and not only here, but everywhere and shame on you Sweaskog.”

– began Juha his rows, who betrayed that he had ridden a lot with Aleah in the woods, the trees inspired the Trees of Eternity’s album, Hour Of The Nightingale songs, but inspired of the Swallow The Sun’s lyrics. It turned out that Aleah, who had died two years ago in cancer, also produced the promotional photos of the latter team in this little forest.

The forest next to Ramshyttan is so special to Aleah and Juha, so the guitarist and Aleah’s mother, Gillian, have launched a petition, and please write as many as possible HERE!

New trailer for the ACT II

The appearance of the Finnish singer’s new DVD, Act II, which will take place on July 27, is coming to a halt. Nightwish’s founder-ex-vocalist is already very excited. The Finnish soprano has already released some insights and two live-action shorts for her fans: one for Love To Hate and the other for Undertaker.

The excitement continues to grow in Tarja’s home, as the singer recently shared two more insights into the novelty. In addition, it is no secret that ex-Nightwish singer is currently working hard on her brand-new studio album, which will be on record shelves in 2019.

Lacuna Coil release a DVD

The life of the Lacuna Coil’s house is spinning: the singer acts as a mentor in the Italian version of The Voice talent show, and we have also previously announced that the Milan team has also started recording their new album.

In January, the band celebrated its 20th anniversary with a large-scale concert, and it was announced on Facebook that the party will be released on DVD on November 9, titled by THE 119 SHOW – LIVE IN LONDON.

Trigger from Serbia

Do you want to have some new music in your playlist?

Then you are in the best place.

I want to introduce you Trigger, the five-piece metal band, whose music is really colorful.

Trigger is a female fronted metal band from Belgrade, Serbia. Band is active on the regional music scene for the last decade releasing albums and performing live. Their music influences range from classic metal to gothic rock, played and produced in a modern mainstream metal way. Music critics described Trigger’s sound as exciting and intelligent rock,molded in heavy metal.

Trigger has grown as a band in a post-civil war Serbia in the Balkanized surrounding of ex.Yugoslav states. Their experience of growing up and living in a crumbling society and the will to rise above the circumstances engraved themselves into their music: energetic melodic sound with very dark lyrical content. Challenged, but at the same time, motivated by unfriendly environment that hasn’t got much love for heavy sound, band has proved to be a hard working unit. They endured against all odds and have been very active on the regional music scene throughout last decade.

Up to now, Trigger has released three full-lenght albums in Serbian and supported them, with a large number of live shows. Their music videos where in regular rotation on regional TV channels, including MTV Adria. Critics have lauded Trigger for the songwriting, but also for Milena Brankovic’s unique vocals. Dusan Svilokos’ guitar chops are universali recognized and he got endorsements by Gary Kramer Guitars and Scala Guitars.

While having a regional local following, the band has felt the need to represent its music to a wider audience for the long time. That’s why, in the last few years, they have put the emphasis on recording songs for their first album in English. New music keeps dark lyrical themes and heavy guitar edge of their previous work, while letting band experiment with the music. The band keeps focus on catchy riffs and memorable melodies, in four-minute modern heavy rock pieces like “What Have We Become?”, as well as in the nine-minute grooving behemoth “Abyss”.

Trigger is currently inducing tinnitus live, while secretly plotting new sonic attacks on music fans all over the world.


Bozidar mladenovic-Guitar

Dusan Svilokos-Guitar

Milena Brankovic-Vocal

Petar Popvic-Bass

Zoran Jovic-Drums

Critics about the band:

“This is pure-blooded metal sound, packed in a rock frame, loaded with power, ideas and most important with vision from which this band doesn’t give up.”

[Zoran Perin-Nocturne Magazine]

“Trigger is a unique, impressive and more than effective phenomenon in the Serbian and Balkan music spektrum.”

[Savo Karadzic-Serbian Metal Portal]

“Competent, loud and confident band, led by guitarist and songwriter Dusan Svilokos, supports powerful and incomparable voice of Milena Brankovic.”

[Aleksandar Zikic-Blic Newspaper]


Discovery of the year @ TV Metropolis Music Awards 2007

Best Breakthrough band @ Radio Belgrade 202 2008

Metal Album of the Year @ Indexi Regional Music Awards, Sarajevo, BIH, 2009

Balkanrock Chose the Best in 2012 @ Balkanrock music website 2012

Balkanrock Chose the Best in 2015 @ Balkanrock music website 2015

Album of the Year @ Serbian Metal Portal 2015

Here are some videos from the band:


“Don’t Feed the Cannibals”:

Trigger contact:




Introducing Brightstorm from Brazil

The Symphonic Gothic metal band, founded in 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil, was released in their first singer in their formation year under the title of Under the moon. Their first EP also appeared in the same year at the same title.

In 2013, another 2 singles were released, Breathing in Death and Taste of Wine for which they’ve made music videos.

Both of these songs are on their second 5 song EP, Past in Flames, released in 2014.

In 2015, they released their first album, Through the Gates. On this album are 11 songs.

From the album the band was made a music video for the song “Walk” which was released in 2017:

The band’s line-up:

Naimi Stephanie (Vocal),

Odair Salles (Drums)

Will Lopes (Guitar)

Allan Silveira (Bass guitar)

You can listen the album on Spotify!


Cover of the album

This article was written by: László Márton Varga

Touch Me Not-‘Nebántsvirágok nyíljatok!’

The Hungarian pop-metal band, Touch Me Not, which has been operating for almost 3 years, has released its first EP on June 30, 2018, for which title track, Holnaptól, they’ve invitted a guest vocalist, Bálint Bokodi (Slipchaos, Lost Continent)
The band says it’s an ‘experimental metal’, as it sounds a bit different from the other songs, it has more severe breakdowns.

The new 4-song EP is available on the most popular digital streaming sites, Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music.

The cover designed by Andrej Zsolt Turáni.

The band’s Line-up:

Lilla Kucsera

László Varga

Márk Miklós Szőke

Norbert Korbeák

Their new video, which made for the song Holnaptól, You can watch on the band’s YouTube channel with 3 more video clips:


Cover of the EP

This article was written by: László Márton Varga

Introducing new bands: Venues

The Venues band from Stuttgart, was founded on 19 December 2014.

Their musical style is Rock/Post-Hardcore

Their first video was released on August 25, 2015 from the song “No Roses For A Life Lost”!

This was followed by Broken Glass on October 25, 2015.

In the recent years the band has only released singles.

On April 2, 2017, they released the video for the song Ignite. The singer, Nyves, can not only sing in her clear voice, but she is growling too in the songs.

After they’ve signed with Arising Empire Records, they started working on their first album, from which they’ve released the first video in April this year for the song, The Epilogue.

On May 25, 2018, The band was released the second video for the song, We Are One:

On the 6th of july 2018, the band released their latest video for the song Fading Away. For this song they’ve invited a guest vocalist, Chris Wieczorek, who is the vocalist of the Annisokay band.

This is the third video of the Venues’ debut album, Aspire, which will be released on July 27.

Follow the band on their community pages!


The cover of the album

Video premiere: Doro-Lift Me Up

The German’s metal queen doesn’t hang on: On August 17, her new album, Forever Warriors/Forever United, will be released, which will be a double album and the first video has been already released titled by All For Metal.

The singer has worked with such guest musicians as Sabaton’s singer Joakim Brodén, Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth), Jeff Waters, Mille Petrozza, Warrel Dane, or Ross The Boss.

Now the second music video from the album has arrived and you can watch it on YouTube! The song called “Lift Me Up”:

Arch Enemy: Michael Amott says the audiences are well received the ballad Reason To Believe

Last September, the Swedish band’s Will To Power album was released on the shelves of the store – this is the second album what they recorded with the Canadian Alissa White-Gluz.

The album was a great success everywhere, showing far more serious results than its predecessor, the 2014 War Eternal.

The guitarist, Michael Amott, told to Hayley Leggs of the ballad recording ‘Reason to Believe’, on whichwe can also heard Alissa’s clean singing.

“I wrote this song with my brother (Arch Enemy’s former guitarist, Christopher Amott), which was clearly a ballad and we thought, >>It would be weird if we were to give a grunt and growling.<< he said. So I talked about it to Alisa and we arranged everything.”

-began the musician.

“But fortunately, the audience redeived very well.”

-he continued.

“I’ve always been up to this, I’ve never been hard-headed, the song is very great or nothing. I grew up in Thrash and Death metal, but I’m a big Scorpions and Judas Priest fan too. All big bands also had ballads, so I think it will make us a composite metal band.”

Michael says Alissa’s entry into the band-After Angela Gossow’s exit in 2014-has opened up a lot of opportunities, because there are plenty of possibilities in the voice of the singer.


In an interview with Revolver in 2017, Alissa commented that countless Arch Enemy fans were very surprised when they could hear her in other contexts. In the issue of Liar, Liar from Kamelot, Alissa simultaneously invokes her growl and clear singing. This gaves the idea to Michael to include a ballad on the next record.

Translated by: Márton László Varga

Epica is working on a book!

The Dutch band is not boing: on July 20, they’ll release the Epica v. Titan Songs EP, but this is not the only good news for the team’s fans. Simone Simons has just announced: they are working on their first book.

It doesn’t know exactly when the book will conquer the world, but on the Epicabook site, the band will constantly dump the informations about the book that will be titled The Essence Of Epica and include a lot of stories and photos.

Tarja: New trailer for Act II!

Huge excitement surrounds the brand new DVD of the Finnish singer, named Act II. The novelty will conquer the world on July 27, but Tarja continually shares a few pieces on the disk to make it even bigger, the fans who are already on needles.

Two previews came to the DVD, followed by Love To Hate, a live recording movie and the Undertaker, which were placed on the album “The Shadow Self” in 2016.

The other day, a new trailer has been released, which gives a little look into the bonus section, so we can observe how the photos and performances took place at festivals, including the Hellfest and Woodstock festivals at a full length on a variety of interesting publications. Besides, there are some of the best fan pictures that Tarja herself picked up.

Doro release a double album!

It has long been known that the German metal queen, Doro, is working on a new album.

Recently, the first clip has arrived from the novelty.

However, it was only a few days ago that the new record, which title is Forever Warriors/Forever United, will be a 25-track double disc.

The singer didn’t entrust the album to chance, as she invited the greatest Scandinavian musicians to the collaboration.

It will be heard among others:

Mille Petrozza (KREATOR), Johan Hegg (AMON AMARTH), Chuck Billy(TESTAMENT), Warrel Dane (NEVERMORE, SANCTUARY), Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR), SABATONRoss The Boss (MANOWAR), Rock ‘N’ Rolf (RUNNING WILD), DETRAKTORTommy Bolan (ex-WARLOCK), Andy Brings és a The Ultimate Doro Clan.


The cover of the new album

This year’s Wacken Open Air is one of the first to hear the new songs at Doro’s Concert.

The disc is pre-orderable!

Introducing Wicked Asylum

Wicked Asylum was founded in 2009 in Como, Italy. In the following years, they’ve played in many clubs and pubs around Lombardy. Of course, they also turned abroad. They’ve played in Slovenia, Switzerland and with Hellcats in Germany on a 4-show mini-tour.

Musical style are: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

From March 2015, the band is working on their first album in a new line-up.

On April 22, 2016, the band released their first 3-song EP, Rebirth, which recorded in the RecLab Studio in Milan.

On August 17, 2016, they’ve released their first video, In My Soul, which hits thousands of views in a few days and receives a very positive response.

On November 7, 2016, they’ve released their second video, Silent Watchers, which was also taken from their first EP.

After that, the band continues their tour, where they’ve played in Balerna, Geneve, Dresden and Erfurt.

The band is currently working on its first album.

Check out the first two video clips!

In My Soul:

Silent Watchers:

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Introducing new bands: Mission Jupiter

The Mission Jupiter band is from Minsk, Belarus. Their style can not be precisely defined because each member likes different musical styles.

Regardless of this, the definition is Alternative-Dream Rock.
The band was formed in 2015. The formation of the band is very remarkable. Initially, the future project was designed as a musical accompaniment and when the band was formed, no one would have thought the team’s activity would be significant and complex maturity.

Since each member has different musical preferences, they have written songs that go beyond the musicians’ attitude to music. Liberalism is the main purpose and source of the band.

The members of the band are great sci-fi and space fans, so they get inspiration from them and the main factor determining the musical style of NASA’s Jupiter Mission.

The band promotes self-realization, creative success, and accompanies them to the atmospheric mood.

They’ve released two mini albums and a single apeared in English and Belorus. The Mission Jupiter has participated in several concerts and has given several concerts in its home country. In April 2016, they’ve represented their country at the musical week in St. Petersburg. On this week, the work of the band was also appreciated by experts and composers. In addition, they also featured in many TV shows in Belarussia.

Their idols are includes Dream Theater, Him, Gathering, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Sting, Queen, Leprous, Massive Attack, Placebo etc.

Their first album, Architecture, was released on May 4 2018 via Epictronic.

You can listen to the album here and here.


The cover of the album

Here are some videos from the band:

Here is their debut music video, Will You Be Loved:


Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram!


The Angel Nation drummer’s things are stolen!

The team led by Elina Siirala, known by Leaves’ Eyes, written a shocking news to Facebook : Somebody had stolen the equipment of their drummer, Lucas Robert Williamson. It’s not clear from the article exactly when had stolen the instruments of the musician, in any case, the band launched a campaign on the Gofundme site – asking fans to use some money to help Lucas get new stuff.

HERE is the campaign to collect 3200 pounds.


Tarja spoke about songwriting

Yesterday was a year since the singer’s An Empty Dream song was sold on the shelves of the store, the song that became a part of Corazón Muerto (Dead Heart). As a sign of this, we could now find some interest in the song and its video, but there was some small thing about the recent song Undertaker, released recently as a live recording.

“The song An Empty Dream was presented by me Mariano Cattaneo in Argentina. I listened, I liked it and wished I could work with it, because the song sounded like mine. I rewritten the song in English, after watching the movie, I started working on melodies. I got a lot of music for the movie. The film version of the song is a composer’s and a filmmaker’s version, and this can be found on my album. Just a little different.”

– she said about the song, then picked up her video as well as the specialty of the song Undertaker:

“We also shooted the video where the film was, in an old abandoned factory in Buenos Aires. The scene was very spooky. It was an honor to work with the protagonist of the film, Ariadna Asturius and other members of the staff. When I was wondering which song to put on my special album for The Shadow Self, I immediately remembered the Undertaker song, which is an important song for me, as we wrote with Örvarsson of Atli, the composer of the film.”

Video premiere: Tarja-Undertaker

There is only a month to wait for the fanatics who are sitting on their needles to finally get their hands on the brand new DVD Act II from the Finnish metal queen. Some of the previews have already come to light, and even recently, the first single, Love To Hate, debuted with a live recording film.

This time, there is a huge excitement for Tarja’s novelty, and for a few days ago she was sharing the second single called Undertaker, which was also recorded on the official YouTube channel of the earMUSIC.

It’ s well known that Nightwish ‘s original singer is still working hard, as she is preparing a new studio album that will be sent to store shelves next year and says she is going to release a powerful album again.

Learn to sing from Marina La Torraca

Marina La Torraca was known as the singer of Phantom Elite and Exit Eden. In her interview with us, she revealed that she is a musical actor in her degree and she was played in several musicals.

The Brazilian-born Marina is now in a new quest to become as a vocal teacher, so if you want to learn a lesson or just find your own voice, don’t hesitate to sign up for the Southern Beauty at hello@latorracastudio.com.


New Battle Beast album in 2019

The band’s latest album, Bringer Of Pain, appeared at the beginning of 2017, and it has been drastically bursting, perhaps it was the most successful release of the band ever.

Earlier, Noora Louhimo, a fronwotman, told us that she is working on the new album and it would be 100% heavy metal.

The A & P Reacts covered secrets about Noora herself and the publication – the conversation was taken over by Blabbermouth as well.

“With the team, we’re always on the road and it’s unusual for others, but I really like it. I don’t really feel like I’m on vacation, for example, I teach sing, I do my own music, so I always do something. At home, Tampare are my cats too, my apartment, of course, is good if there is a place to go back.”

-the singer explained.

“We are continuing the recordings of the new album. We have been working on it since the beginning of the year, recording the songs and releasing the album next year.”


The new MaYaN album comes out in September

The newest MaYaN studio album, Dhyana, will debut on September 21st. For a couple of months, Mark Jansen has shaken the cover of the album, but the song has not yet been revealed.

The specialty of the album is that, there will be more symphonic elements, as the novelty was made with the involvement of the Prague Philharmonic, and the producer is Joost van den Broek.

“All our energies, effort and passion we worked to make a remarkable album. For the Dhyana we are all very proud of and we look forward to finally debuting. With our loyal fans we could record the album with the Prague Philharmonic. Needless to say we are very excited!”

quotes Jansen’s words the Blabbermouth.



Video premiere: Kobra And The Lotus-Velvet Roses

The band’s brand new album, Prevail II, has released a recent weeks. From the album they’ve released three singles, including Losing My Humanity, Let Me Love You and The Chain.

Now the band was made another video for teh song Velvet Roses.


In This Moment: Travis Johnson left the tour for family reasons

Yesterday, the In This Moment bassist, Travis Johnson, was left the band’s board for a while, because it turned out that his wife Michelle is suffering in an aggressive breed of breast cancer.

The musician immediately went home to join his partner, and on the gofundme site, founded a donations to cover Michelle’s hospital treatment. Travis encourages fans, likes love and prayers for his wife to heal.

Get better soon Michelle!


Noora Louhimo: “After the first show I felt that I was born to this!”

Since 2012, Noora Louhimo has strengthened the Finnish Battle Beast, who replaced Nitte Valo behind the microphone. MIC Studios got Noora on the microphone, who talked about getting into the team – the conversation was also taken over by the online magazine Blabbermouth.

“In my hometown, Tampere, I sang in different bands and Janis Joplin was my idol. On Youtube you can heard me a lot of video and the Battle Beast found me in this way. They asked me if I wanted to join them.”

– the singer resurrected the beginning.

“At first I thought this was a stupid thing, (Laugh) and then I got a phone call from them that we were leaving for a joint tour of the Sonata Arctica in just a month or so, they needed a singer, I was with them, I said okay, okay. after the first concert I felt: I was born to this!”

-she continued, and you must know about the singer that she had never sung metal before the Battle Beast.

“I knew the guys on the first tour, and I saw them first, but it turned out that the week I was asked to be a member of the team came to Tampere, and at a local bar where I sang, they looked at me. Everything happened so quickly.”

The band is currently producing their new album, their latest release the Bringer Of Pain was released in February 2017.




Video premiere: Elysion-Made of Lies

We’ve written earlier that the Greek band is preparing a new album, whose release date and title is not yet known, but the band lead by Christianna Hatzimihali will not miss their enthusiasts without delight.

In June 2014, the second album, Someplace Better, was released, and its predecessor, like the 2009 Silent Scream, had some great successes. The first title of the album is Made Of Lies, for this song they have made a video:


Video premiere: Null Positiv-Amok

In March, as one of Therion’s pre-bands, the German Null Positiv for the first time came to the Hungarian stage, and the interview with them you can read read here.

The band’s Koma album was released in 2017, and the ensemble is referred to as the German Arch Enemy, as singer Elli Berlin is able to growl brutally and also sing in clear voice.

Their new album is already in the process, the first song, which will be the title track of the album, although the band released few days ago – called Amok you can be watch on Youtube.

Ann My Guard signed with an international label

To the Ann My Guard band led by Anna Baumann is well-formed their career. This year, they were given the opportunity to take part in the Femme event in October, which is a great pleasure for the team.

Now they announced that they had been caught by Dutch Painted Bass Records in their last year’s Eindhoven show, which has now contracted with them. So their new album promised for autumn, Moira, will be released under the wings of this record label. The team is very happy and promises that they will soon have more infos and surprises.

This label also includes the Phantom Elite band led by Marina La Torraca.

The band from Békéscsaba was formed in 2007 and their first EP was released in 2010. Since then, they are beyond an American promotion and an hungarian X-Factor show. Their first album was released in 2014, the second in 2017.

Charlotte Wessels: “We try to keep our productivity.”

Recently, the DaBelly Magazine has received the Dutch Delain singer Charlotte Wessels and founder Martijn Westerholt in Phoenix, Arizona, where the band played with Kamelott and the Finnish Battle Beast.

As we reported earlier, they are working on the next album, but in the fall they will launch an EP.

The Moonbathers (2016) album made the team incredibly popular, but what’s the secret?

“The pressure!”

-started Charlotte laughing.

“No, that’s not true, but we’re trying to keep our productivity down. We’re very happy with Moonbathers, we think we’ll do it again, we just need a little while. Last year we released a DVD (Decade of Delain: Live At Paradiso) And in the fall we will release an EP before the album arrives.”

It is well-known that the band always release an EP before the album.

Martijn added: they give more and more concerts year after year, have been attracted many fans in recent years. For a long time, the team was pre-band before the bands, but now they’re playing on big stages in the front of enthusiastic listeners.

Trillium New Music Video

Amanda Somerville’s Trillium project launched its new album. The Tectonic released on June 8th. There are two songs on the record, Time To Shine and Shards are already released and now the new single for the song called Full Speed Ahead is out now.

Video premiere: Beyond The Black-Heart of the Hurricane

The Beyond The Black band, lead by Jennifer Haben, was formed in 2014 and they were released their first album, Songs of Life and Death, via Airforce1 Records on February 13, 2015. The record was a great success. This was followed a year later the Lost In Forever, which made the team even more successful and established their international reputation. The band played in 2014 at the world-renowned Wacken Open Air Festival.

In this spring, the band’s career has gained another milestone!

In May, Napalm Records signed a contract with them.

Thanks to this, the new album, Heart of the Hurricane will be released on August 31, 2018!

You can pre-order it here!


Cover of the new album

The first lyric video was released yesterday, which was made for the album’s title track.

As for the new record belongs a new tour, Jenni and the band are now on tour.

Video premiere: Evanescence-Hi-Lo feat. Lindsey Stirling

Last autumn, Evanescence released their fourth studio album, Synthesis. The record was a huge success, along with new compositions, including the remixes of older songs – think Bring Me To Life, for example.

Now an another song has appeared: the talented violinist, Lindsey Stirling is also can be heard on the song Hi-Lo, whose video has just become visible.

Video premiere: Doro-All For Metal

The german metal queen revealed her secret last year: She is planning to release a new album. The band will be on the shelves of the stores on August 17, and performers will enjoy the novel like Sabaton’s singer Joakim Brodén, Amon Amarth’s frontman Johan Hegg and the guitarist of Mille Petrozza, the guitarist of the Kreator.

“With such great Scandinavian musicians, the album will be really metallic, you can hear “big hymns”, spinning songs and ballads, and I can promise you a killer album, but there are still some surprises!”

– told the singer previously about the album, which was released on the first single – All For Metal spins the cameras and the song also includes the following musicians: Mille Petrozza (KREATOR), Johan Hegg (AMON AMARTH), Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT ), Warrel Dane (NEVERMORE, SANCTUARY), Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR), SABATON, Ross THE BOSS (MANOWAR), Rock’N’Rolf (RUNNING WILD), DETRAKTOR, Tommy Bolan (ex-WARLOCK), Andy Brings Ultimate Doro Clan.

Cristina Scabbia is 46 years old!

Incredible, but true: Cristina Scabbia, 46, was born today, who has been the world renown in 1998 as the singer of the Italian Lacuna Coil.

With Cristina’s exasperating energy and charming smile, she is an example of many of whom we have collected some of the curiosity bouquets on her birthday.

– She was born in Milan on June 6, 1972 and grew up in the Quarto Oggiaro industrial district.

She has three siblings, one sister and two brothers. One of her brother was a big AC/DC fan, and Cristina loved the tougher music by him.

– She says she does not listen much Italian music, except for the very old ones.

– Her parents, Francesca and Dario, have supported her in music career since the beginning. Cristina was extremely crippled by her loss: her father died in 2016, her mother died in 2017.

– She does not want a child, as she has said: she is “pregnant” with her band.

– She has not studied vocal or instrument, but she has excellent sound. Nevertheless, singing came to life in the early nineties.

– Prior to being a member of Lacuna Coil, she worked in her original profession, in graphics, but she also worked as a former waitress and in a variety of workplaces.

– Her sound type: lyrical alt.

– She spent 10 years with the band’s guitarist Marco Coti-Zelatival (“Maki”) and she left him for the Slipknot member Jim Root in 2004. The couple broke in the spring of 2017, after 13 years.

– She is pet-friendly, she has a dog and two cats.

– She lives in Milan until today.

New Beginning: Interview with Anna Király

Anna was known as the singer of Sorronia, and we have been interviewed several times. The rumor that Anna has become the new frontwoman of Ideas, replacing Anita Kun who is left the band after 13 years, has been blown up. We talked with the young talent again.

Thank you for talking again! How do you feel now? How did you get the chance to sing in the Ideas?

I thank you! Very well, thank you very much! Fortunately, it’s all good now!
The Ideas boys were looking for me and I was very happy about it. I consider them to be great musicians and people, and I have the honor to have it!

What about Sorronia?

Sorronia is exists, though it is currently inactive. I have no plans at the moment what the future is, what will happen next.”

Irish dance, which is your other great passion, also gives you a lot of work, have you been on a tournament recently? Do you sporting something else besides that?

Irish dance is a tremendous love for me! I go weekly single and group lessons and I take it very seriously. It gives a lot to both body and mind. I compete, I have came home from Prague in the recent days and fortunately I have done great, I’m proud of it!”

According to the news, you started writing songs from the new Ideas album. Are you also taking part in songwriting?

That’s right, we go to the studio soon to record the first song, from which we will make a surprise too. I’m responsible for lyrics and vocals, so I take my part from the songwriting process.”

You are teaching singing in an international school. Do your students know you’re singing in a metal band?

“Yes, they know! 🙂 They are very curious so I showed them songs and they liked them.”

What music are you listening to in your free time? Who inspired you and the band members?

I like and listen many genres from different genres of metal, to classical and folk music. I get inspiration from many sides and this is very good. The boys are the same way.

Thank you for your interview and we wish you many success.

“I thank you for the opportunity!”


Epica’s The Phantom Agony is 15 years old!

On June 5th 2003, the dutch Epica released their first album, The Phantom Agony.

The band was formed in 2002 thanks to the guitarist-growler Mark Jansen, who was this time the member of After Forever. According to him, he created a formation in which he could play classical, symphonic metal, so he left the band and started searching for musicians alongside him. This is how the Sahara Dust was formed. At that time, the singer was the Norwegian Helena Iren Michaelsen, but she was soon replaced by Mark’s girlfriend Simone Simons, who was only 17 years old. They changed their name, they chose a name after the Kamelot’s album, Epica.

The Phantom Agony’s recordings has begun on January 2003 in Wolfsburg, Germany, at the Gate Studio. The record was produced by Sascha Paeth, who has also worked on Kamelot’s albums. The choir consisted of six members, including Amanda Somerville (Avantasia, Kiske, HDK, Exit Eden, Trillium), and a string band on the release of such songs as evergreens such as Cry For The Moon, Feint or Sensorium.

The songs mainly deal with religions and their dark sides, and Cry For The Moon, which has become a constant piece of music in concerts, is deals with the child criminals of Catholic priests.

In 2004, the band released a concert album titled by We Will Take You With Us, featuring a live TV coverage of 2 Meter Sessies in the Netherlands. In this show, the band played all the compositions of The Phantom Agony.

With the album Simone Simons and the band founded their reputation, successfully defrauding their feet on the metal scene, and their chariot has been unstoppable ever since.


Nervosa: New album was released!

We recently reported that the Brazilian trash metal band, Nervosa, plans to release a new album on June 1st.

Later, the band’s first video clip was released too for the song Kill The Silence!

On June 1st, as the girls promised, the new album, Downfall of Mankind, was released. The promise of the girls was faithfully born of a wilder, faster and more mature soundtrack. The 14-song material begins with a very hard Intro, from which the first song, Horrordome, is a bit more wilder and faster than ever before.

This following the first single, Never Forget, Never Repeat, which ripples with the speed of a racing car.

Fernanda’s growling has developed a lot and we can proudly say that they did not give the album a chance.

Enslave is somewhat slower, but power and energy are coming out from the song.

Bleeding begins slower but than the girls step on the accelerator pedal and running through the song fast.

Vultures is a truly mature sound that proves that girls had developed a lot in the past two years to bring together a more powerful and energetic album for this year.

This followed the first video song, Kill The Silence.

In No Mercy, there is no grace, Fernanda and the girls doing everything and release everything.

At the beginning of Raise Your First we hear Martin Luther King’s famed speech as if someone were switching the TV back and forth.

Fear, Violence and Massacre really made terrifying and violent.

If there is violence, then there is a conflict as well. In the song “Conflict”, girls will not be troublemakers. Surely they will enter the conflict!

This followed the only Spanish song Cultura do Estupro, which is also a very hard and wild song.

Selfish Battle is the bonus track of the album, where we can hear Fernanda’s clear voice!

All in all, a perfect record is made by the girls, which does not have to worry about anything.

Can the Moshpit start?


The girls immediately started to tour in Europe after the release of the album. Next to us we can see them in Austria on Kaltenbach Open Air, as well in the Czech Republic on Masters of Rock and on the Death Coffee Party. But soon they will come with additional dates, so it is not excluded that we will see them again in Budapest!

Ex Libris: New album & Campaign

It has long been known for the Dutch Ex Libris is making a new record. the band was formed in 2004 by Dianne Van giersbergen. Recently, it was rumored that on Dianne’s birthday, June 3, comes with exciting informations.

That was happened today, so they released the title and cover of the disc and announced that they would launch a campaign too.

About the album you need to know that this is a 3-part concept album, the first part is only available on the campaign’s side!

The title of the trilogy is Ann!

The first part of the album is about Ann Boyle (Henry VIII’s most famous wife!).

The 2nd and 3rd part of the trilogy you can be pre-order through the campaign. If you pre-order them, you will support the band in the making of this trilogy.

So, click on the link and support the band to achieve their goals.

By clicking on the page, you can select the product you want to order from the right menu. In the middle you can find the band’s personal favorites.

“Our third album is a trilogy, each part of which tells a story.”

Ann is not only the title of the album, but the three parts are about three Women, linked by a name. All three stories are about another woman, she tells at other times and from other backgrounds, but all three women have a telling story. Those who know our Medea album there are stories that come to life through Dianne’s voice. The music of the three chapters will support the melodies and sounds of each story. The first chapter, containing almost 20 minutes of music, can be considered a mixture of modern and progressive metal. Chapters 2 and 3 will introduce different flavors. The whole album is characterized by singing colours, strong melodies, heavy riffs, progressive rhythms, surrounding atmospheres and high virtuosity.

The cover of each of the three sections will show the portrait of the woman’s story. At the end of the story, the three covers will be combined with a trilogy. The album’s artwork was designed by the 2D artist and illustrator Jelle Steenhuisen. Steenhuisen is often known as an illustration artist specializing in character design, making Ann a perfect graphic designer. We are looking forward to putting graphics in chapters 2 and 3 on paper, but first for the first part, Ann Boleyn.

“Our hands have solidified our starry love …”

Then who was Anna Boleyn? Well, Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 as King Henry VIII’s second wife. Henry’s marriage, and Ann’s subsequent decapitation, made him a key player in the political and religious upheaval that was the beginning of the English Reformation.
Our story begins in 1526 when Ann returns to Hampton Court and Henry VIII. will be in love with her.

Ann was the produced by the Dutch Joost van den Broek, from Sandlane Recording Facilities.

Van Den Broek is well-known in the progressive and symphonic metallic world and we are happy to see him on board. He has previously worked with performers such as After Forever, Ayreon, Epica, Mayan, Powerwolf, Rewamp, Passion Stream, VUUR, Xandria and many others.


Joost van den Broek

Sandlane Recording Facilities started in 2009 in Rijen, the Netherlands, a state-of-the-art studio. Stunning acoustics and a wide selection of high-end equipment.
The studio is the second home of Joost van den Broek producer, and Jos Driessen musician and home for diverse artists and musicians. More info here!


The studio

Learn more about the other two episodes:

The first part, Ann Boleyn, will be release in July this year.
The second part will be record in 2019.
The third part of the album, which will also available in vinyl format plans to record at the end of summer 2019.

In the next section, you can see the shipping rates!


The cover of Ann Boleyn

Elize Ryd: “We’ve become heavier!”

We recently wrote that the Swedish-Danish Amaranthe finished their fifth studio album. Now Elize Ryd, the band’s singer tell some infos about the new album for Roppongi Rocks.

“The recordings lasted two months, and the album was produced by Jacob Hansen. It’s a record time!”

-began the pretty singer, and then continued:

“We’ve became heavier than earlier, and we’ve written a very fast song for the sake of Japanese fans, and we’re also happy with Nils, whose voice at first seemed unusual, but it did a great job! The album will contain both serious and loose songs.

The title of the album the band has not yet been announced, their last album was Maximalism has been released in 2016.

Melissa Bonny: Wonder voice from Switzerland

Melissa Bonny is best known as the Rage of Light’s singer, but few know she has contributed to other projects as well and she is the singer of the Swiss Evenmore band.

The chocolate beauty angelic mezzo soprano voice singer was born 25 years ago on January 23, 1993 (Aquarius) in Switzerland’s Montreux. At the age of six she began to learn music, and for a few years she was the member of the school’s choir.

When she finished the school, she spent most of her time to writing music with some of her friends, or singing on some stages alone or with other musicians. Then in 2012 she became a member of a cover band. At the end of the same year she left the band for Evenmore, where she hopes to release her creativity, write and broaden her horizons, and perform before such great bands like Lacuna Coil, Eluveitie or Xandria.

Melissa had the opportunity to be a guest vocalist in Serenity, Dragonland and Gus G.

Evenmore’s first EP was released in 2014 titled by The Beginning. From this album, the song called Black Knight has a lyric video.

In 2015 Melissa joined Rage of Light, which brought a new colour to the metal world with the hybrid trance metal/melodic death metal music. In this team, the singer could show that she can not only sing well, but she can growling well too.

Their first EP released in February 2016, followed by two covers (Lollipop-Aqua, Judas-Lady Gaga) and several songs, and this year they signed with Napalm Records, so they are now making their first album. One of their greatest hit is the Mechanicals.

In October 2016, Evenmore released their first album, The Last Ride, which, in addition to the other two songs, also appeared in the clip-on format of The Ride Begins.

After the first Evenmore recordings were completed, besides several other studio projects, in which she was a guest or lead singer, Melissa started working on her first solo track. She thought it was time to create her first solo project. The first piece was an acoustic song that was co-recorded with Jonathan Pellet, the creator of the Rage of Light, and released on November 30 2017.

The angelic performer’s career moves upwards, thanks to her talent and tough work.

Nightwish’s Wishmaster is 18 years old!

On May 8, 2000, the third album of the Finnish team, Wishmaster, was released.

After the release of the album, the band was go on tour. Then the singer was Tarja Turunen, the record surpassed the 1998 Oceanborn, with which their first major successes were achieved. They have been with the publication in Europe, Mexico and South America – Tarja knowns her husband, Marcelo Cabuli, in Argentina with whom she has been living in happy marriage since then.

On the occasion of the concert tour on Wishmaster, the band was recorded their first DVD titled From Wishes To Eternity. During this period, Sami Vänskä (bass) was also a member of the band, but in 2001 he left the band for personal reasons – a year later he was replaced by Marco Hietala.


The cover of the album

We were found on the album many iconic songs like The Kinslayer, She Is My Sin, Deep Silent Complete, or the title track, Wishmaster. As a bonus, Sleepwalker has also been on the album. With this song, Nightwish were at the Eurovision Song Contest.


Cover of the first DVD

Dark Sarah-Teaser for the new album!

Dark Sarah’s Golden Moth release is late. Originally, in the spring, the team wanted to send the publication to the store shelves, but meanwhile Heidi Parviaien and the guys needed a financial support, an Indiegogo campaign was also launched.

Last year we saw the song Trespasser, featuring Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto, a new member of the crew. We know the cover and the track list now, and now the first teaser has come to the disc.

Rage of Light signed with Napalm Records!

The Swiss-based trance metal band, led by Melissa Bonny, was founded in 2015 and has produced half a dozen hits, including two covers. Their recent big hit is the cover of the Lady Gaga’s 2011 hit, Judas.

They have promised more songs for this year, but the bomb has exploded few days ago and the band has a very good news for us.

They were signed with Napalm Records and as a result they started making their first album.

“We are thrilled to join the Napalm family! Currently working on our first full-length album, we are very much looking forward to this collaboration. Rage will be unleashed!”

– written by the band.

Napalm Records commented on this event:

“The charismatic singer Melissa Bonny is no stranger to the metal world since she is also the singer of Swiss Powermetal Band „Evenmore“; whose 2016 album received very possitive feedback. The band’s talent; particular Melissa´s vocal range are simply amazing and can be heard in the video „I Can, I Will“ but also in the released cover songs for „Judas“ (Lady Gaga) & “Twilight of the Thunder God” (Amon Amarth). Rage of Light, Welcome to The Napalm family!”

The keyboardist, Jonathan’s mind came up in 2007 to do a hybrid band with trance and melodic death metal elements, but he was still very busy with his other projects (Trophallaxy/Dysrider) and almost a decade had to complete the project in himself. Finally, in 2005, he signed Melissa Bonny, who was the Evenmore’s singer and Noé Schüpbach guitarist to complete the band.

Their first EP came out in 2016 titled by Chasing as Reflection and two singles in 2017. This year they are working on new hits and their first album!

Keep our eyes and ears open.

New song from Halestorm!

On July 27, the Halestorm throws their brand new album, Vicious, to the shelves of the stores. The band leads Lzzy Hale. Earlier, we had a snapshot of the Black Vultures song, and now we’ve got the new delicacy: The new video for the song Uncomfortable was released and you can watch it on Youtube.

Here is the tracklist of the album:

01. Black Vultures 
02. Skulls 
03. Uncomfortable
04. Buzz
05. Do Not Disturb
06. Conflicted
07. Killing Ourselves To Live
08. Heart of Novocaine
09. Painkiller
10. White Dress
11. Vicious
12. The Silence

The new video:

Xandria will return to stage with Aeva!

It was a difficult time for the German band, Their latest singer, Dianne van Giersbergen, went out last year, who was struggling with tears to tell us what was going on to make this difficult decision. Her statement finally made a big leap, as after a long time the former singers of the band has also spoken.

The guys, however, did not go for a long time because they had continued their tour with Aeva Maruelle (Aevarium), but for almost a month we can’t heard almost nothing from them. A few days earlier, they’ve announced that seven months later they had been allowed to talk to each other and next week with Aeva on board, they will be on tour again.

There is no available information on whether or not the German vocalist joins the band (as a regular singer), since it is common knowledge that the guys – after the number of singers changed – do not want to disband the band and even want to return with a new album, but it was not yet clear whether the songs will sings by Aeva or maybe they would find an another singer to Dianne’s place.

Tarja Turunen: Exciting news!

Huge excitement surrounds the singer’s brand new DVD, which will be the sequel to the 2012 release Act I. Almost everything is known about Act II, since the covers became known, and in the days became clear that fans would have the anticipated release from July 27.

Just to make the excitement even worse, Tarja has published an all-in-one video on her official Facebook page, which sketches out what the big deal can count on.

However, the Finnish beauty does not slip on her laurels: she has started recording her new studio album, which is foreseen to conquer the world in 2019. On Instagram she revealed that she is working on the new material, writing songs diligently.

On Act II there will be two concerts, one at the Teatro Luna in Milan and the other at the Metropolis in London – the last material of this concert, released the first live video for the song called Love To Hate.

Watch this video on Youtube!


Big news from Ex Libris

About the Ex Libris, led by Dianne Van Giersberg has long been known to make a new record. In the last few weeks, however, things have become exciting since the recordings are over, so we will soon be able to find out when the third album will be released.

Today, the team announced in an exciting post that on June 3, on Dianne’s birthday, they are coming up with exciting news in which they give the gift to us.

The Ex Libris, which plays progressive metal, was launched in 2014 by Dianne, and since then they have been released two albums. Since Dianne has left Xandria, she got into work with her band, which result will be the soon-to-be released third Ex Libris album!

Video Premiere: Otep-To The Gallows

We recently reported that the californian Otep’s new album is in the making. Otep Shamayá’s album titled Kult 45 and will be on store’s shelves on July 27, under the supervision of Napalm Records.

Earlier the singer commented about the album:

“It will betray all your senses. Not only will a message be sent to Trump, but also a warning to the citizens of the country …”

The frontwoman, who is openly taking on vegan and lesbianism, stands up to the full width of the waist with the acceptance of different subcultures – this theme will be on the new album.

“The art of music makes it possible for a nonviolent struggle. To The Gallows is designed to bring light to Trump’s affairs, supporters, health, LGBTQ, Afro-American, Spaniard and women.”

The album’s tracklist and cover the band has already shown.

The first issue of the new disc has recently become available here:

New song from Tragul: My Last Words

The band, whose singer is the Diabulus In Musica’s frontwoman, Zuberoa Aznárez, launched its latest song 2 months ago, which was named Before I Say Goodbye.

They’ve created a lyric video too for the song.
The band was formed in November 2016 with the lead of Adrian Benegas keyboardist.  The team’s specialty is that they delivers only songs.

Their brand new song, My Last Words, was mixed by Jacob Hansen the leader of Hansen Studios. The lyric video were made by Scott Rudd Film, and the artwork of the single is praised by Anwar-Mostafa’s Mind Illustrations.

The band wrote the following words for the song:

“‘My last words’, our second single of 2018 embraces the feeling of farewell. Bathed with very melodic arrangements and dramatic lyrics, this song will hit the hearts of those who recently lost a friendship or a loved one. ‘My Last Words’ is a catharsis based on a true story.”

You can listen the song on the following link:

The cover of the single:


Docu-video from Butcher Babies!

On October 27, 2017, the latest album of the Californian Butcher Babies, which is the title of Lilith, was released.
Carla and Heidi have been touring the album all over the States since then. So far, two video clips, Lilith and Headspin have been released.
3 days ago the band released a special video. For their new single, Look What We’ve Done, They’ve created a docu-video, which let us see behind the scenes of the tour.

Heidi wrote on the team’s Facebook page for the video:

“Our new docu-video ‘Look What We’ve Done’ gives a behind the scenes look as to what emotions a tour might bring when the curtains close and real life settles in. When the accolades of the stage and energy of the crowd are gone; when you retreat to your bunk and the loneliness sets in. Where you miss your family, your friends and your loved ones. We touch on when conditions out of your control can make or break your stride. This gives an inside peek as to what keeps us going and how we deal with the extreme highs and extreme lows. The reality behind the stage.”

You can watch this video here:

Epica: New EP in July!

In December last year Epica made a very special EP titled Epica Vs. Attack on Titan.
This publication, however, only appeared in Japan. The specialty of the album is that we can hear the songs on the Attack on Titan manga series on Simone Simons and the guys’ processing. That is, in metal version.
Many have asked for this, so the band recently announced that this special EP will be available worldwide on July 20th.
The first single is Crimson Bow And Arrow, which you can listen to here:

The latest release of the team was released last September titled The Solace System. There are 6 songs on this album, which the band has recorded during the studio works of their latest studio album, The Holographic Principle. Video clips are working on an animated story. The band is currently on tour, visiting Tunisia in August, but before that they’ll be playing on the Fezen Festival in Székesfehérvár.

The new EP you can pre-order here!

Here is the cover of the new publication: